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Exosomes, 3 years later and still awestruck

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MSC Exosomes have changed my life, and I know it has just begun. 

3 years ago my husband suffered a spinal cord injury from removing a tumor that had been growing in his spine since birth and it left him as a partial paraplegic.  While he did regain the ability to walk early on, I never thought in a million years I would have my husband back in his full form. The vitality, wellness and stamina he has as a father and husband,  I’m awestruck by the gains over this season, and reminded that a hard chapter does not equal a hard life.  And at times, I am guilty of forgetting that he ever even had an injury. When I think back, the MSC exosomes were a pivotal point.  Not only just for him, these Repair microproteins have also given me insight into how to better treat the public in offering optimized health. With access to a groundbreaking healing accelerant, Repair proteins activate our own inborn stem-cell’s ability to repair and recover. It seems with a wide variety of conditions,  Repair proteins are a safe and powerful tool to optimize and embrace our ability to repair and recover.

Every organ has the ability to repair, and healthy cells are possible. 

I am honored to watch people win with their personal health goals. Whether I’m helping someone with helping to reset and reseal their inner digestive plumbing, or helping the brain and nerves calm, rewire and heal,  or helping the immunity from either over responding or under responding to a threat, I have a profoundly supportive tool to offer.  As a practicing Naturopathic Physician for nearly 20 years, I have been privileged to listen and witness many people on their health journey.  When I was a child I dreamed of helping people with full body health restoration. Thinking to myself, ‘our bodies are so amazing, why can’t we be free from all this disease?’ Truly our human skin bags, we call our bodies ,can be amazing or they can feel like a cruel trap. We all need to work with what we were given, and yet, insight and care go a long way. Our daily experience and ability to embrace them makes a big difference in the quality of our lives.  In our modern era of pharmaceutical rich medicine, we have been stripped of our full ability to take care of ourselves. Our medical freedoms are deteriorating, and  the mainstream emphasis on man-made products and procedures can minimize and potentially damage the power of the body’s inborn ability to heal. Worse yet,  we are left not knowing what to do and how to move forward when we are stuck. 

Caring for ourselves is an important skill to have as a human. 

How to actually care for our vessels in a very personal way is a profoundly important skill to have. And Repair proteins are a powerful restoration accelerant that is both safe and deep and long acting. The repair process is not overnight (people do not wake up the next day with a completely new organ system). What does happen is the inflammation levels come down almost immediately, giving people a much-needed break on aches and pains and inflammation. This takes many people out of imminent health danger, and the repair process continues on a cellular level at an enhanced pace. So 3 months later, 6 months later, 8 months later, people are repairing and recovering in ways that we didn’t even think were imaginable. As a person, I can be very idealistic when it comes to healing. And as a practitioner, I tend to be quite the skeptic.  My desire is to serve people in recovering and restoring their very best health, because pain and suffering are soul robbing, and there are simply better ways of being with support from the right tools.  We all have lives, and our own light to share with the world. Being empowered and secure in our health is part of the foundation of living the lives of our dreams. 

We are simply living in a time of much illness and toxicity. 

It’s easy to get disheartened. Collectively, we can seem to be barely holding on, especially our mental health!  Experiencing and watching repair proteins have given me a new outlook over the last three years. Watching people and working with crafting personalized repair plans helps to give me hope for this generation.  Repair proteins have the ability to repair our cells, signaling receptors,  and may even help in repairing our own genetic code. The inborn ability of the body to create new cells,  whether it’s heart, lung, skin, connective tissue, or nerves; is a powerful and often untapped process that gives good results. Our bodies are miraculous self-healing machines. Our human vessels are the only vessel we will have for this life we are living.  We have the ability to naturally recover our strength and stamina,  when we get thrown a curve-ball, or when we just want to see how good we really can feel. Feeling good feels really good. 

When we don’t know what to do, (or who to trust), What do we do?  

It’s time to seek better than the standard of care given in the traditional system. The hospital system has many good people, but they are limited to what they are taught, and the tools they are allowed to offer. So, what do we do when we want to be better than regular? It is my hope to share this gift of MSC Exosomes, also known as Repair proteins, with regular people who are wondering what else can be done. People who are looking to have optimized health and whole body restoration. When my husband went down with a spinal cord injury, I did not believe we would ever enjoy a family hike again. The picture above shows one of my dreams coming true, and this realization sparks my passion to share this tool. My passion in life is to empower people in having their own best health.  Sharing health strategies and teaching people how to take the best care of their vessels, while creating a personal strategy with clients, is how I satisfy my own need to help make the world a better place.

Exosomes add a new dimension in whole body healing support.

Watching people recover their health in a true genuine manner, has. Health restoration is not as far off as people think. Some people have simply never been taught where to even begin to optimize there health. We certainly don’t get many examples of people winning with their health, these days we here much more about disease and illness on a regular basis.  We have a medical system that profits off of people continuing to be ill, and so the incentive and motivation to recover our health has to come from within. Empowered lifestyle and health habits aren’t necessarily spoon fed to us as a culture. The importance of sleep, and what we need to eat (or not eat), how we need to move our bodies or simply how we need to take care of them on a daily basis, is often only learned after we are in risk of losing our health. Generally we know more about how to take care of our cars than we know how to take care of our human vessels.

MSC Exosomes are truly a modern health hack. 

Even if the idea of improving your daily habits and making positive changes sounds too daunting – you can receive MSC Exosomes and they simply work without changing a thing.   Whatever you do to support your overall health, Repair proteins synergize the human system to be optimized and more dynamic in its healing response. It’s possible to get an immediate boost without changing any habits. A common ‘side effect’ is a better working metabolism (ie. insulin, blood sugars, etc), and people often report craving vegetables! As a long time health advocate (and a mom) I love this. Our health instincts naturally are tuned up, and we crave taking better care of ourselves. 

Repair proteins promote efficient repair and recovery.

Restoration of our organ systems seems to occur on many levels simultaneously. Our metabolism improves, a higher rate of functioning for the nervous system is noted, inflammation calms down,  and we’re able to think better- in total the organ systems begin to work better together.  Like I’ve said earlier, it’s really amazing to be able to watch people heal. It’s easy to get down in our thinking, and falsely believe we cannot break through a chronic illness. It can feel like the pharmaceutical system has such a strong hold on humanities well being, and we feel dependent on outside influences to try to encourage our bodies to heal. But this is NOT TRUE,  it’s what we’ve been sold for generations. And this has had an effect on our attitudes and culture. More people than ever before are coming back to the roots of their own health and personal power. 

Repair proteins are simply different and very powerful.

MSC Exosomes are simply filtered micro-proteins from a single placenta source who’s cells are being kept in a petri dish in a lab. When these micro proteins are given back to the body, this amplifies all of the self-healing regulation that is inherently within all of our bodies. It’s an amazing process to watch someone’s Health Restoration unfold.  I have been privileged to both benefit from regaining my husband and the family unit that feels whole, and in my practice to be able to watch clients reach their best health. These past three years have truly been a humbling process. Now that I’ve seen these repair proteins in action, it’s hard to deny they exist.  MSC Exosomes are not FDA-approved for everything, though the positive research is mounting every single day.  They are approved for wound healing and skin applications.  There exists a conflict of interest within the FDA.  This results in ‘whole-body’ approaches,  those with an ability to get to the root of disease and illness, are not widely advertised or even recommended. It takes stepping out and seeking a path less common to experience the effects of MSC Exosomes.

MSC Exosomes mix well with many different treatments. 

It’s a fantastic characteristic of repair proteins, and makes health restoration so fun to observe. Simply an amplifier of what your body is already naturally trying to do! So other therapies that are promoting healing synergistically all work together.  And, even medications that are being prescribed work better because the organs that the medications are targeting are optimized and working more efficiently.  Bodywork, counseling, dietary and detox strategies all seemingly work better because the human is functioning at a higher level. The health support from a multitude of sources synergistically gives a better and optimized result.

Repair proteins are completely customizable to suit the needs of the person.

Repair proteins may be repeated every few months, and less frequently, is an option as well. This all depends on the person’s specific situation. I’ve witnessed people keeping a high quality of health and vigor with an annual boost keeping their whole human system amplified. Sometimes I begin to take exosomes for granted because I can assume that everyone already knows about them.  The reality is we, my husband and I, had to go through some hard struggles to find them.  As we learned how to maneuver the curve balls that were thrown at us, and which tools harnessed the biggest leverage for widespread healing, we also as a young family were on a tight budget.  We didn’t take on techniques that were going to not prove worthwhile. Countless hours went into my research before my husband was patient number one. Here, 3 years later, I am happy to share this picture above. This is our family, last weekend when the six of us embarked on a rigorous hike climbing up the side of a mountain like mountain goats.  We made it to the top and we all congratulated ourselves and the friend that took this picture said, “Wow. I can’t believe Jeremiah can do this.” And it hit me, ‘Wow. We can so easily take our healing for granted.’ I’m so thankful we both had the courage to take those early steps, and for all the help and meaningful coincidences that helped us along our path. My hope is that those who could benefit from MSC Exosomes are able to realize the benefits in their own lives. Our bodies are powerful self healing vessels, and this is just the beginning.