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Owning your path

Dr Julia Stevens Life Is For Living Icon

There was a time when I thought the only thing that mattered was “getting it right.” Little did I know, there is no one right path. Why do we torment ourselves pursuing a single objective point that may not exist in the first place? Because there is a race, a hustle, and we are born into it.  And we go and we go, until we get tired of the hustle. What are we even racing for? Who are we trying to impress anyways? And do they even hold a position of authority in our current world? Or are they taking up space like dirty clutter in our minds?  Humans.  Why is it so hard to break out of the pack? Because the pack kept us alive in primal times. However nowadays, fitting in could actually be killing us. 

Our stories matter, our lives matter.  In our society right now we have choices about what we wear, and what we eat, what we watch and what we read. But when we question what medicine we use … we can catch flack. I am going forward and encouraging humans to be humans again. Let’s help each other have the best lives. For me, when I was young my body hurt so bad, I couldn’t participate in life fully. Now I am experiencing the best health of my life, and still in pursuit of better.  For me, I was chasing answers ‘out there’.  Learning to listen inside, and finding other people who also honored the same process was a pivotal shift.  What’s a big deal for one person may have little significance for the next, and it’s all valid. I’m honored to watch people grow and heal. For 25 years I have been on a quest, ‘What are all the other ways we help the body heal?’ 

The mainstream healthcare system is supporting shareholders, not identifying solutions.  I love access to a wide tool box- and I love acknowledging we are not alone. Medicine is definitely not a one size fits all type of conversation. 

This skin bag You are tied to is the only one you will have; it’s a self regenerating super machine blended into a miraculous moving water balloon… and we can definitely take them for granted. Our bodies have been there for all the moments that we have since forgotten about and we are all managing through 2022… So let’s take a deep breath. Oxygen matters. And we can rest knowing our bodies know how to heal. What is your body asking for?  I challenge you to practice self care.  And in this process, this requires us to be in charge of our own vessels.  Self care is health care,  and life is for truly living. 

All the best, 

Dr Julia